You Want To Know About California’s New Traffic Amnesty Program


California drivers, there’s a new program that can help you pay off outstanding tickets and still be in possession of your license. The program is identified as the California Vehicle Code 42008.8 and is a traffic ticket amnesty program.

By enrolling in this program, California drivers can have their license reinstated. They sign up for a payment plan to pay off all their outstanding traffic tickets. In addition, some may be eligible to have their fines slashed by as much as 80%. Even undocumented immigrants can be eligible for the program.

The program begins accepting applications on October 1, 2015. Currently, the program is scheduled to run until March 31, 2017. Make sure to do research and ask questions about the program and to see if you are eligible for the program.

Remember, anytime you receive a traffic ticket from the police, do not give them any reason to suspect anything more criminal of you. Do not turn a simple, routine traffic ticket order into an arrest. Things get much more complicated when it does… like having to pay for bail. Though, if this does happen to you or a loved one, your bail can be paid with a bail bond from Lynwood Bail Bond Store.

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What Are The Various Forms Of Bail?


Not being able to afford bail may not be a problem – cash isn’t the only way you can pay for bail. It’s expensive and can be very tough to get that kind of money so quickly. Thankfully, there are various forms of bail so that everyone who is eligible for bail, has the opportunity to bail.

  • Cash bail – as we said cash bail is the initial bail form. The defendant will pay the court 100% of the bail in cash. This cash bail is refundable as long as the defendant obeys the terms of his or her release.
  • Bail bond – the defendant will get a bail bond from a bail bond agency. The defendant pays a small premium fee to the agency, much less than their actual bail amount. This premium is not refundable.
  • Property bond – the defendant, or someone on their behalf, will pledge property, which will be returned as long as the defendant obeys the terms of his or her release.
  • Own recognizance – the defendant actually does not need to pay anything. He or she signs a form promising to obey the terms of his or her release.
  • Federal bond – these apply when a federal case is handled outside local or state jurisdiction. The defendant must have two people agree to sign the bond, (acknowledging that they are 1) financially able to pay the full bond amount, and 2) will actually do so if the defendant does not obey the terms of his or her release.
  • Immigration bond – these are generally more expensive than regular bail bonds, but still more affordable than cash bail. These are available only for immigrants.

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You Just Might Be The Role Model To Someone Who Is Older Than You


Who says role models have to be people who are older than you are? Age doesn’t matter. It’s the qualities and characteristics of the role model that matters. Some younger people might be very mature and wise for their age. Some older people may have continuous mess-ups. What being a good role model means is carrying yourself with confidence, having goals, and achieving them. If there are any obstacles, you find solutions.

So let’s say you are a younger sibling. You can certainly be a role model to your older brother or sister and even your parents. That is something to be proud of. Your family is proud of you. They want you to succeed. They make their own goals with hopes of achieving them like you would. Moreover, you could be the reason your older sibling (or someone else) changes their lifestyle. Maybe your older sibling was running with the wrong crowd that periodically had issues with the police. Well, you could influence your older sibling that getting thrown in jail is stupid (among other things).

We want to encourage every individual to have a good role model to look up to, and to be a role model themselves. This will keep more people out of serious trouble.

Nonetheless, mistakes happen here and there and Lynwood Bail Bond Store will always be at your disposal. If you need a bail bond for yourself or someone you love. . .

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Know The Signs Of Trouble


It’s not always easy to ask for help, especially if that person is in trouble. When friends and family begin to notice odd behavior in a loved one, it might be a clue to step in and see if they are okay. Here are some signs to look for:

  • Being restless at night and waking up late
  • Being quieter than normal
  • Deciding more to stay at home alone rather than spend time with family and friends
  • Work performance is slipping
  • Seeming distracted a lot
  • Easily growing angry and frustrated
  • Fidgeting

When you notice all these suddenly new traits in your loved one – and they seem so odd and out of place – sit down with them and ask if everything is okay. Get them to open up to you. Let them know you can keep their secrets and trust them. Show your support. They could be hiding something that they desperately need your help with, someone’s help with.

Trouble this serious could involve legal issues. Maybe they need to turn themselves in for something. Maybe they know the police are after them. If they end up arrested, let them know now you can help bail them out of jail. You can contact Lynwood Bail Bond Store on their behalf and get a bail bond for them.

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Are Your Practicing The Proper Court Etiquette?


How you represent yourself (dress, act, speak) in court is very important. It does affect the ease of the trial and even the outcome. So, it’s best to practice wise court etiquette:

  • Dress in business attire. Remove sunglasses and hats.
  • When standing, stand up straight.
  • Speak only when you are asked to. Answer only what you are asked. Speak clearly.
  • When answering “yes” or “no”, say the words rather than shake your head.
  • Do not chew gum.
  • Acknowledge the judge as “Your Honor.”
  • Remain calm and collected. Do not grow angry or raise your voice.
  • Arrive early. Do not leave until you are dismissed.
  • Use the restroom before you enter the courtroom.
  • Put cell phones and any other electronic devices on silent or turn them off completely.

Knowing this before court is very helpful, as it can help you properly prepare. But before you head to court, you’ll of course need to bail out of jail. Lynwood Bail Bond Store has bail bonds readily available that will get you out of jail ASAP.

This company offers personalized payment plans too, so as to not burden you.

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Pros And Cons To Being A Bail Bond Cosigner


A bail bond cosigner plays a very crucial role in the bail bond process. Potential cosigners should educate themselves of their responsibilities and potential consequences before physically signing on.

Responsibilities of the cosigner:

  • Seeing that the defendant goes to court whenever he or she is asked to
  • Ensures the premium is paid on time

Consequences if the responsibilities are not met:

  • The defendant will be rearrested
  • The cosigner will have to pay the full bail amount and/ or relinquish any collateral that may have been put up for the bail bond

Being a bail bond cosigner certainly sounds risky but cosigners have rights to protect them too. They can request the defendant undergoes certain evaluations and tests (like drug tests, behavioral evaluations) before release. The cosigner may also have their name removed from the bail bond at any time if they feel they are in danger of not meeting responsibilities or if they feel the defendant is not trustworthy.

If you would like more information on being a bail bond cosigner. . .

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You are doing a wonderful thing by being a bail bond cosigner. We’ll help you make sure this goes smoothly for you and the person this bail bond is for.

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Knowing Your Rights When You Are Arrested Will Benefit You


Do your best to remain poised and confident (yet still compliant) with authorities if you are ever detained or arrested. Knowing your rights will definitely benefit you here:

  • You have the right to remain silent. You must clearly state this if you wish to exercise this right.
  • You have the right to an attorney.
  • You have the right to know and understand the charges made against you.
  • You have the right to leave if no charges are filed against you within 48 hours of your arrest. This time limit is for California. Other states are 72 hours.
  • You have the right to deny police and investigators to search yourself, belongs, and property if there is no warrant.
  • You have constitutional rights, regardless of your citizenship status.

You also have the right to bail, which you can meet with a bail bond. Bail is very expensive and most people cannot afford to pay their bail on their own. That’s why most people prefer to post bail with a bail bond from Lynwood Bail Bond Store.

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It’s Okay To Tell Your Parents You’re In Trouble


As a youth, you pretty much always had to tell your parents when you were in trouble. Concealing your issues was pretty hard. As an adult, it’s much easier to do so. Plus, you’re now independent and are supposed to be able to handle your own situations properly. But, it’s okay if you cannot; it’s okay to tell your parents you’re in trouble, even as an adult. Being supportive for their child throughout their entire life is part of what being a parent is all about. Sure you may “leave the nest” at 18 or 20-something, but that does mean that you are suddenly no longer their child and they are suddenly no longer your parent.

Getting into trouble as an adult is very serious. Punishment isn’t just a 15-minute timeout or getting grounded for 2 weeks. The issue and process will take a long time to deal with and consequences are scary. If you are ever in trouble, you’ll definitely want all the support you can get. Don’t be ashamed to reach out to your parents.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to us, Lynwood Bail Bond Store. We can be very helpful to you if you (or someone you love) is ever arrested. With our bail bonds, you will be out of jail very quickly and back home to your family where you are safe.

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What You Get When You Go With Lynwood Bail Bond Store


When you choose Lynwood Bail Bond Store to help you, you get around the clock service, a personalize payment plan, low monthly rates, zero down, zero interest, no hidden fees, confidential and quick service, and more. But, perhaps the best thing about Lynwood Bail Bond Store is the agent(s) you communicate with directly. Most people don’t realize this blessing when they search for a bail bond company until they’ve contact Lynwood Bail Bond Store.

Lynwood Bail Bond Store agents are genuine and personable. All representatives of the company work there because they are committed to serving the community and helping those who run into trouble. They are qualified for other lines of work but they specifically choose Lynwood Bail Bond Store and the bail bonds industry because it is their passion to help people in these very stressful times.

Moreover, Lynwood Bail Bond Store agent(s) are simply put, real people with real emotions. They have heard all sorts of situations that have brought clients to us and while they are “used” to it, it doesn’t make them any less sympathetic. That being said, a client can immediately tell that the moment their call is answered, they will be taken care of. Clients can tell their agent is concerned and eager to get moving on a bail bond.

Let someone at Lynwood Bail Bond Store help you out. What you get at Lynwood Bail Bond Store is more than the paperwork of a bail bond. You’re getting another individual (you’re really getting a whole company!) on your side to support you through this tough time.

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This Is What You Need To Know About A Citizen’s Arrest


In any situation, that involves breaking the law, it is best to allow the police to get involved and let them do their duty. However, there may be times where one person absolutely cannot wait for the police to arrive.

An individual who is not a government officer may arrest another person if they actively witness a misdemeanor crime or if they know first-hand they committed a felony. The felony needn’t have been committed before your eyes, though you need probable cause that the crime did indeed occur.

Attempting to make a citizen’s arrest can be tricky. You need to know 100% that you are right in the situation. If the person you arrested turns out to be innocent, you can face legal consequences.

Someone who is arrested by another citizen (and then later formally arrested by the police) has bail rights just like all others, unless otherwise ordered by the judge. They are encouraged to bail out,and they may contact Lynwood Bail Bond Store to do so. Lynwood Bail Bond Store will get them the bail bond they need.

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