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Take a Stress Test and Count on Lynwood Bail Bond Store!

Bailing your loved one out of jail seems like a huge weight of stress and anxiety at first, but with our help here at Lynwood Bail Bond Store, you will learn and see that you have very little to stress about.

For one, Lynwood Bail Bond Store’s bail bonds are much more affordable than paying for cash bail. They are more available, a bail bond will only cost you 10% of the full bail amount. This 10% of the bail bond, called the premium, is paid off with a payment plan, one that was customized according to your financial needs.

Lynwood Bail Bond Store accepts payments in cash, credit, debit, and checks; there is also a secure online payment portal for convenience.

In addition, because it is a payment plan, your loved one does not have to wait until the entire 10% is finally paid off to be released from jail. Your loved one can essentially be bailed out of jail within hours of his or her arraignment, which is when they learn if they are eligible for bail.

It will, of course, take responsibility on the defendant’s part. He or she will have to show up in court when they are scheduled to, and stay out of trouble. However, with the risk of being re-arrested, having their bail bond revoked, and having to pay a greater price, financially and with those were counting on them, it is more likely the defendant will be compliant. They do not want to lose more than what is already at risk.

Learn more about Lynwood Bail Bond Store’s goals, mission, and commitment to their work and clients. See how much the company can reduce your stress on the situation too. Chat With Us online or call 323-357-0575.

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Save the Drama for… Lynwood Bail Bond Store?

There will be so much drama and gossip among friends, family members, coworkers, and other acquaintances when someone they know is arrested. There is no avoiding that. For the defendant and those in his or her circle, all they want to do is to ignore that. All they want to do is take care of what needs to be done, which is getting their loved one out of jail and figuring out the next steps.

Lynwood Bail Bond Store to the rescue.

Lynwood Bail Bond Store is the best at ignoring the third party whispers, and we will help the inner circle do the same and stay focused on the goal at hand. What we do is bail the defendant out of jail affordably with the premium 10% of the bail amount, and efficiently where they will be out of jail as soon as the paperwork is finished, usually within a few hours.

We minimize the amount of time the defendant spends in jail, and people whispering on the outside do not really know what is going on. We work quietly and confidentially with those who are need-to-know. Let them keep talking and guessing. Eventually, they will find something else to gossip about.

We will focus on doing what is right; supporting and bailing the defendant.

For all bail bond questions and needs, please contact Lynwood Bail Bond Store immediately. We can be reached online, or by phone at 323-357-0575.

Lynwood Bail Bond Store

When You Live Up Your Vacation A Little Too Hard

Trying to squeeze one last mini-vacation in before summer ends? We do not blame you. Even if you are doing a day trip a few hours away and staying in California, that counts! However, it will not count if you, or one of your travel companions, ends up in jail. Someone probably lived up the trip a little too hard and got carried away. Suddenly your trip or mini vacation is not so relaxing anymore. It is now a nightmare to deal with, or so you think.

What you really need at this point is a professional bail agent from Lynwood Bail Bond Store. They are going to help you with the bail bond process. If the defendant remains in jail, progress on preparing for trial is challenging. However, if they are bailed out of jail, then everything suddenly becomes much easier to deal with.

Working with a bail agent from Lynwood Bail Bond Store is incredibly easy. They are professional, helpful, and honest. They will make the overall situation less stressful for everyone involved. Your trip will have an obstacle, but with Lynwood Bail Bond Store, it will not be completely ruined.

Learn more about bail bonds and exactly how Lynwood Bail Bond Store can help you. Chat With Us online or call 323-357-0575.

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What Exactly Are Search Warrants For?

When the police want to go through your property and belongings, they will need a search warrant, which is an official document executed by a judge that gives officers the right to go through your stuff. In order to get a search warrant, the officers must have probable cause to believe criminal activity has, is, or will be taking place.

A search warrant will list items and/ or locations that can be sifted through by the officers. The officers may not search locations that are not listed. For example, if the warrant specifies only the kitchen and living room of a home, the officer cannot search the bedrooms. The warrant also allows the officers to seize items during their search.

Search warrants are not needed if you give consent to the officer to search. They are also not needed after an arrest when the officer searches the arrestee and the surrounding area.

If your loved one has been arrested, and an officer comes to you because you are very close with the arrestee and wishes to search your property and belongings, you can say no. They would have to come back with a warrant.

If you are looking to bail your loved one out of jail, contact Lynwood Bail Bond Store immediately at 323-357-0575 or Chat With Us online. We believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we believe in the right to bail. We will be there for you.

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Awkward Talks Before College Begins Again

Summer break is ending, and your children will be off to college in a few weeks. You are trying to cherish the remaining days you have with them while they are home, since once they leave, you might not see them until the holidays. Even though they are adults now, they will always be your babies, and you will always get a little bit of joy sitting them down for awkward conversations.

Take some time to remind your children about your views on alcohol, drugs, sex, and peer pressure, a lot of stuff can happen at college. Your child may or may not be involved with such things, but they will certainly be around it much more than they would be while at home with you. Remind them that there are serious consequences if something goes wrong and you might not be there to help them right away. You could be hours away on the other side of California.

They will not be living under your roof so you cannot really enforce rules like you did before, but you should tell them to make smart decisions. It is as simple as that, and it can really make a difference.

Also let them know that if something goes horribly wrong and they, or a friend, are arrested, they should first call you, then Lynwood Bail Bond Store. You will offer the scolding and support, but Lynwood Bail Bond Store will bail them out of jail in the meantime. Lynwood Bail Bond Store serves all of California, so no matter what college your kid is at, as long as it is in California, Lynwood Bail Bond Store will take care of them.

Lynwood Bail Bond Store can be reached at 323-357-0575 or online through the chat portal.

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Building Puzzles: A United Family

It is so easy for loved onesto encounter argument after argument, disagreement after disagreement, when one of the pack is arrested. However, this is not the time for that. As much as possible, avoid arguments and disagreements, and instead find the opportunities to band together and show a more united and supportive front than ever before. Would you be so surprised at how one person’s arrest can have the power to bring everyone closer together, possibly even friends and family who are nearly estranged?

Learning that a loved one is arrested leaves a heavy and disheartening feeling like no other. They let you down, but maybe you feel you let them down. You do not know what he or she is thinking as he or she sits in jail. You are trying to figure out how you can help and really make a difference for your loved one.

Well, that difference is found when you and all others come together to rally support for your troubled one. You each have a different piece of the puzzle, and together, it will show the whole picture. Together, you all will get through this difficult time.

The first, and perhaps one of the most important steps, is to contact Lynwood Bail Bond Store. We will help bail your loved one out of jail, and we will be there with you for each step of the bail bond process. It is a very simple and straight-forward process that you will find incredibly affordable and very ideal.

Chat with a professional about your case today. We have an online chat portal, or you can call us at 323-357-0575.

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Infractions, Misdemeanors, and Felonies: Know the Differences

Infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies are the three classifications of law violations. The type of crime, and the resulting punishments, differentiate the three from each other.

Infractions are the petty offenses that are punishable by fines, seldom ever jail time. The most common infractions are driving and traffic violations, like speeding and parking in a red zone.

Misdemeanors are crimes such as trespassing and harassment, and can be punishable with fines and up to a year in jail.

Felonies are serious criminal offenses whose punishments include large fines, and prison sentences. Crimes with threat and harm are felonies, as well as fraud and others of that nature.

Lawyers are really only necessary in felony cases and many misdemeanor cases. A trial by jury is allowed in these situations as well. Bail bond agents can be useful for all types of cases where the arrested individual is allowed to bail out of jail. A defendant’s eligibility for bail is up to the judge, who will make this professional decision considering the crime, the defendant’s ties to the community, and criminal history, and weigh it against the bail schedule. As you might guess, felonies will have a greater bail amount than misdemeanors.

To learn just how a bail bond can help you and your loved ones in this unfortunate time, talk to an Lynwood Bail Bond Store representative at 323-357-0575 or chat online now.

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Traveling? Here Are Some Small Tips to Consider

Labor Day Weekend is a high travel weekend, and if that is part of your plans, make sure you also plan on not getting arrested. You may laugh now, but we are serious. You might be surprised at how easily you can get in trouble in another state.

Not all states have the same laws. For example, turning right on red is allowed in California, but not so in other states. If you do this in another state, a cop with likely pull you over. You can ride your hoverboard according to city and state ordinances in California, but not at all in New York. In fact, you might not even be allowed to bring it on the plane with you.

Not all states have the same punishments. You can be fined more in one state for violating a law versus violating that same law in California. Also, what is an infraction in California, may be considered a misdemeanor in another state, which would then carry a harsher punishment.

We are not trying to scare you since more than likely you will not run into any problems, but it could be the smallest things you would never really think to think twice about that get you into trouble. So before you head off on your trip, give your itinerary one last glance and check if there is anything you might need to do some extra research on. If you are arrested in another state besides California, there is nothing Lynwood Bail Bond Store would be able to do for you. However, if you are within California, than we certainly can help you.

On the flip side, if you have friends and family coming into town, you may want to inform them quickly on some laws such as; no using phones while driving and needing to be 21, not 18, to buy cigarettes.

If you ever need a bail bond for yourself or a loved one in California, call Lynwood Bail Bond Store at 323-357-0575 or chat with a rep online now.

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Contact Lynwood Bail Bond Store Anytime!

Getting a bail bond for your loved one who has recently been arrested is not as hard as you might think. You can call Lynwood Bail Bond Store at any time to speak with a bail agent and get paperwork taken care of immediately. Even if you are in need of a bail bond at 2:45am, you can rely on Lynwood Bail Bond Store to take care of your needs. This company is a 24/7 company, and trust us, you would not be the first person to request a bail bond in the middle of the night.

Our company was founded 29 years ago in 1987, which gives us plenty of experience to help our clients. We have encountered hundreds of different scenarios over the years, so we know how best to help you in your situation.

Lynwood Bail Bond Store is a team of professionals, all of whom are dedicated to their job and to you. They will not be cranky if you are contacting them late at night. They will not be too tired to help you or take hours upon hours to assist you. They understand the urgency, and they fully believe in our clients’ rights to bail. With that in mind, they are not going to make your loved one wait in jail.

Lynwood Bail Bond Store can be reached online, or at 323-357-0575. Get in touch with a professional now.

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Lynwood Bail Bond Store Vows To Help You

Among your wedding vows was “in sickness and in health.” Most people take this literally, with the idea of sickness being of someone falling ill with a disease or illness. However, we also see sickness as a low point in a person’s life, a point where they seem to have failed you and themselves, where they are not being their regular selves. For example, acting out and getting arrested.

Your spouse’s arrest is certainly out of character; they are not type to ever have problems with the police. Their arrest certainly comes as a surprise and now it is up to you to be there with your loved one through this low point. He or she depends on you to help get him or her out of jail and past this difficult phase.

What you will have to do is contact Lynwood Bail Bond Store as soon as you learn your loved one’s bail amount. Just like your loved one relies on you, you two will also rely on your Lynwood Bail Bond Store bail agent, who we promise will deliver what you need very quickly. Simply contact us and we will take it from there. We will be with you each step of the way, but it is a quick and simple process. Speak with a bail agent today to learn more.

Chat With Us online, or call us at 323-357-0575. Lynwood Bail Bond Store vows to help you.