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What Not to do When You Are Getting a Bail Bond

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When you apply for a bail bond, you want to make sure that all the information you have is 100% correct and accurate. You want to have all of this information ready. If something is missing or you have the wrong info, it can prolong the bail bond process, or it can jeopardize your freedom if the mistake is caught after you have been released.

Here is what not to do when you are getting a bail bond:

  • Do not provide incorrect contact information for yourself.
  • Do not provide incorrect contact information for your co-signer.
  • Do not travel while out on bail without notifying the bail bond company and court first. Make sure you are actually allowed to travel while out on bail.
  • Do not get arrested, while out on bail.
  • Do not treat your co-signer poorly or lose their respect/ trust. They can withdraw their name from your bail bond at any time, and if so, you will be taken back into custody.
  • Do not violate any court-mandated curfews, restraining orders, or travel limitations. Additionally, do not miss any court-mandated treatment or rehab programs, or volunteer activity.
  • Do not skip bail and court.

The rules for your bail bond are simple. Your Torrance Bail Bond Store bail agent will help keep you on track so that this whole situation can be dealt with as quickly as possible. In addition, make sure to surround yourself with positive, supportive family members and friends.

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How to Tell Your Child about Their Parent’s Arrest

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If you thought getting the phone call learning that your significant other was arrested was hard, imagine the moment you realize you need to figure out how to explain this to your young child. They are certainly going to notice if Mom or Dad is missing for a few hours or a couple days.

You will need to consider their age and how much they may understand. You may need to sugar coat the situation, you may not. It is ultimately up to your discretion.

What you can and will do is help bail your partner out of jail as fast as possible so that their time away from home and the family is as minimal as possible. We cannot do anything until your loved one has been arraigned, that is when bail is determined, but the moment you have all the information, contact South Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, and we will work on a custom payment plan. Once paperwork is done and signed, it will be sent to the jail and processed. Your loved one can be released and back home within a few hours. With our help, we hope your child actually will not notice that anything is wrong.

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How can I Pay for a Bail Bond?

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South Gate Bail Bond Store provides affordable bail bonds for defendants who are held in California jails. Bail bonds are an alternative method to posting bail and costs only 10% of the full bail amount. On top of that, this 10%, called the premium, is paid in increments over a payment plan, custom created to meet your financial needs.

Here are the different ways you can pay for the bail bond:

  • Cash and checks – Bring it in or mail it.
  • Debit and credit – Swing by an office to make a transaction, or go online and use our convenient and secure online payment portal.
  • Tax return – Technically this would just fall under any of the above because once your tax return clears and is in your bank account, you would then proceed to pay for the bail bond in one of the above ways. Your tax return becomes extra money to you, which means it can be used to pay for your bail bond.

Bail bonds are the more convenient, affordable, and flexible way to posting bail and South Gate Bail Bond Store will prove it.

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Be the Superhero You Always Wanted to be

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At some point in our lives, we have all imagined what it would be like to be a real life superhero and what powers we would have. You know what? It is not all make-believe. You can rescue someone you love by bailing them out of jail. You have the power to get them out of jail and give them their life back.

Anyone who gets arrested learns, the hard way, how challenging it is to take on this situation by themselves. Posting bail, trying to adjust to their everyday routine while dealing with lawyers and trial, and keeping their family in good spirits. You can step in and save them from a lot of stress. You can contact Pico Rivera Bail Bond Store to get bail bond paperwork figured out, offer to run some errands on your loved one’s behalf while they meet with their lawyer, or spend time with the family to distract them from any negative thoughts.

Overall, you just need to show your loved one that you will be there for him or her. If there is anything you can do to help, you will. To them, you will be a lifesaver, a hero.

First thing’s first, you need to post bail. Pico Rivera Bail Bond Store can help facilitate this and provide an affordable bail bond and custom payment plan.

When you are ready, contact us anytime at 323-357-0575 or chat with one of our representatives online.

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Catch Up and Get Ahead on Bail Bond Payments Using Your Tax Return

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We hope you have not gone and spent all the money you got from your tax return already. This money can be used toward that bail bond you are paying off. You should consider doing so if you find that you are close to falling behind on payments, or if your finances are spread a little thin.

Whether it is a bail bond for yourself or a loved one, if you are paying for it, you should definitely categorize this with your priority payments like rent and utilities. Although you do have the custom payment plan, and Norwalk Bail Bond Store is accommodating and flexible, it does not mean that it is okay to fall behind on payments. Norwalk Bail Bond Store worked with you on a payment plan tailored to your financial situation. Now you need to stay on track with this plan.

Applying the money you received from your tax return on your payments is a responsible decision. In fact, even if you are not falling behind on payments, you can still set aside this money for your remaining payments. Plan ahead. This will make the situation less stressful.

Keep in contact with your Norwalk Bail Bond Store agent, as they will help keep you on track. They are here to make this bail situation as fast and stress-free as possible. They are on your side, so reach out to them anytime you have a question or a concern.

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Cash Bail vs. Bail Bond: Which is Better for Your Situation?

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Contrary to what some people may think, posting bail using a bail bond does not mean you do not have the funds to post bail in 100% cash. People who use bail bonds are not poorer, they merely see a bail bond as being more beneficial to them.

    Cash Bail

  • If posting bail in 100% cash, there is no bail agent to assist and advise the family through the whole process. 100% of the bail must be paid before the defendant can be released from jail, and the money may be refunded later on.

    Bail Bond

  • If a family chooses to use a bail bond to post bail, then they pay 10% of the full bail amount. If bail was set at $50,000 for example, they pay $5,000 to the bail bond company. Additionally, they get a custom payment plan so they can pay that $5,000 over a period of months. Another plus is that the defendant is released from jail as soon as the bail bond paperwork is processed and the first payment is received. The 10%, however is not refundable since it is payment for the agent’s services.

Knowing the pros and cons to cash bail and bail bonds helps a family determine which option is best suited for them. Due to their flexibility and payment options, more people opt to use bail bonds, even if they can afford cash bail. Even celebrities like Nicholas Cage and Robert Downey Jr. use bail bonds to get themselves out of jail.

Lynwood Bail Bond Store offers free consultations, so do not hesitate to reach out to them online, or at 323-357-0575.

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A Look at Some of California’s Gun Laws

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Each state has different laws when it comes to guns, and California is a state with some of the most restrictive laws in the U.S. There are laws that mandate a minimum age to purchase, what types of guns may be purchased, how many guns may be purchased at a time, and how the weapons must be stored at home.

All guns must be micro-stamped. Each time the weapon is fired, it stamps a unique serial number to the bullet and case. This allows authorities to track a bullet back to the gun, and thus, back to the gun owner.

New this year, is the requirement to pass a background check anytime a person wants to purchase ammunition. A law from a couple years ago was the gun confiscation law, which says a person can report a loved-one to the police if they believe this person is going to misuse their gun. The police will confiscate the gun(s) for 3 weeks and conduct an investigation.

Keep yourself up to date on all of the gun laws, even if you are not a gun owner yourself. It is hard to say whether bail will be granted for a defendant who was arrested for a crime and a gun was involved. If they are, and they happen to be a friend or family member of yours, Lakewood Bail Bond Store can assist with the bail bond process.

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The Police Need a Warrant to Search Your Cell Phone

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Some people may not know this, but the police actually do need a warrant to search your cell phone. Just like your car or your home, your cell phone is your personal property and can contain extremely sensitive information. Think about what you use your cell phone for everyday: text messages, photos, social media, email, web surfing, and more. If the police want to search through your phone usage and content, they need a warrant, unless you give them permission to do so without a warrant. Also, so you are aware, the police are not allowed to delete anything off your phone.

You have the right to tell a police officer that they cannot search your phone unless they have a warrant. If they come back with one and end up arresting you, you also have the right to remain silent, the right to have a lawyer, and the right to bail. Have a loved one of yours contact Inglewood Bail Bond Store so you can get your bail bond posted faster than you could with cash bail.

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Your Loved One is Counting on You for Bail

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If you are still waiting on your tax return, take this time to think about how you want to use this money. If you find that you have been a little short on money recently, this tax return will come in handy.

Obviously, you want to prioritize necessary payments. These include rent, utility bills, bank statements, and loans. For some families, a necessary payment can even include paying off a bail bond for a family member. This is a priority payment because it keeps the loved one out of jail. If you miss a payment, your loved one can be taken back into custody.

Your loved one is counting on you to help pay off their bail bond. You do not want to let them down. Consider putting your tax return money toward their bail. Talk to your Hawthorne Bail Bond Store bail agent for further advice and guidance, since they are available 24/7.

You can contact us both online, and at 323-357-0575.

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Consider Using Tax Returns for Bail

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Wise spending and budgeting is an excellent quality to have because every now and then, there are purchases or payments that need to be made that a person was never financially prepared for. One example is when a person suddenly learns they need to pay for their sibling’s bail.

Now, we at Lynwood Bail Bond Store would rather that you and your family never have to go through such an experience, but unfortunately, this kind of stuff happens. Fortunately, Lynwood Bail Bond Store is here to assist any and all families thrown into such a loop. We will work with you to create a customized payment plan for your bail bond and it will be modified to work around your financial needs and be as hassle-free as possible. Payments can be made in cash, credit, debit, or checks. If you are in need of a bail bond around this time of year, consider using your tax return to help alleviate costs, it could be a big help.

Our bail bond consultations are free and we are available 24/7. So even if you need to talk to us at 3 AM, we will be here to help get your loved one home safe and sound.

Reach Lynwood Bail Bond Store online, or at 323-357-0575.