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Being Safe on Social Media

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In the modern age, social media is a part of everyday life for most people. In fact, over 20% of time spent online is spent on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. People love having the ability to interact with friends at the tips of their fingers. Unfortunately, friends are not the only people who we run into online.

The internet is filled with billions of people, and not all of them are friendly. There are many people out there that take advantage of social media sites. They can use these sites to gather personal information from, and target, victims. Due to this fact, it is extremely important that people be careful what they put online.

You never want to put too much information about yourself online where anyone can see it. Thieves can sometimes use the information they find on social media sites to log into other website accounts, such as a bank, to steal from their targeted victim.

Some things you should never share online are:

  • Your social security number
  • Your home address
  • Your phone number
  • Any of your passwords or PIN numbers
  • Your bank account information
  • Your credit card information

Anything else you wouldn’t want strangers to know, should be kept offline. When posting something online, you should imagine that the post is permanent. It is incredibly hard to actually delete something off of the internet, so you should only share stuff that you wouldn’t mind a stranger seeing.

Social media sites are meant to be fun, but they can also be dangerous. While prominent sites like Facebook are always working to improve the safety of their users, it is important to remember that they cannot protect from everything. So have fun, but make sure to be safe while online.

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The Punishments for Identity Theft

Bail Bond Store in Carson

Identity theft is a very serious crime to commit because it can cause quite a big problem for the victim in multiple ways. It can take them a lot of time, money, and energy, to get things fixed and straightened out for themselves.

Identity theft is when someone’s personal and sensitive identification information is used by another individual or group. The person, whose identity is stolen, never consented to have their information used to obtain goods, services, and other information.

The most common forms of identity theft are when:

  • Someone uses another person’s credit card information to complete a purchase for themselves.
  • Someone attempts to escape criminal liability by identifying themselves to authorities as another person.
  • Someone intends their victim to suffer financial or emotional loss by taking on their identity.
  • In California, identity theft can be punished as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. If someone is charged with a misdemeanor, then they can be put into jail for up to 1 year and pay a fine of up to $1,000. If they face a felony charge, then they are facing up to 3 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Furthermore, if that person faces federal prosecution, they are looking at up to 30 years in prison and a bigger fine.

    In order to best protect yourself against identity theft, keep personal documents with sensitive identification information secured away, such as bank information, passports, and social security cards. Do not provide this information to others through email and over the phone if you are unsure or the service does not require it. It could be someone phishing for your information.

    If you believe your identity has been stolen or compromised, contact authorities immediately so they can investigate the matter.

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    The Money-Saving Tips

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    Saving money is always a good idea, no matter what you are planning to spend it on. You could be saving for a vacation, a new car, a wedding, or even the future. It never hurts to be prepared. This way, you will not be caught off guard by an ill-timed emergency such as needing to bail your loved one out of jail. Here are some tips to help you save more money.

    • You probably already split each paycheck into: needs, personal, and savings. Needs are for necessary payments such as rent and groceries. Personal is for things like going out for happy hour with friends and making a trip to the mall. Savings is self-explanatory, a percentage of your paycheck that goes into the bank that you do not touch. Cut even just 1 or 2% more from personal spending and put it towards your savings.
    • Check out other banking options that you are not currently using. You may find one that offers better perks and a better interest rate. If so, move your bank account over there.
    • Cut out fast food. Although one happy meal seems like such a steal, each happy meal you purchase adds up.
    • Eat out less, overall. Instead, make a grocery list every week and stick to that list when you are at the store. This helps ensure you do not over-purchase and buy items that were not originally on your list, such as a box of cookies. Meal-prepping for a week is helpful for your wallet, and your diet! A plate of pasta can cost you $10+ at a restaurant, but 1-pound of pasta noodles and a jar of pasta sauce can cost you less than $5 at the grocery store and feeds 4 people.
    • Cancel unused and under-used memberships and subscriptions where you are not getting your money’s worth. This includes the gym, streaming services, magazines, and more.
    • Stop purchasing the most expensive item and brand name at the store. Go for a generic brand instead. This goes for food, medicine (unless your doctor insists on a name brand), and even clothing. Why spend $120 on jeans when you can spend only $30?
    • Go through your personal items and gather up everything you no longer wear, use, watch, read, and everything else that is still in good condition, but just collecting dust. Hold a yard sale to get rid of your clutter and make some money. Whatever does not sell can be taken to Goodwill, which can be written off on your taxes.
    • Saving money does not mean you need to live an uneventful life. Go out and look for events that are more affordable or better yet, free to attend! There are plenty of community events that do not have an entrance fee, from concerts and museums to parks and beaches, there is plenty to do.
    • Throw spare change into a jar. Once it is full, take it to the bank to deposit – you might be surprised at how much you saved up by spare coins alone.
    • Monitor your spending and your bank accounts. First see how much you spend each week, on average. Then try to reasonably reduce that cost, even if it is by $10 per week. Make sure to save your receipts so you can cross check that payment with what shows up on your bank statement.

    There are plenty more tips to saving money that you can find online but the last one we will leave you with is to not give up. Just like people who are trying to lose weight are told not to weigh themselves daily, but rather weekly or monthly, you should avoid counting your savings daily and instead, do it weekly and monthly. You will see that your small daily savings add up big time. Hopefully you can save this money for pleasurable spending in your future.

    If you do end up needing it for immediate emergencies, at least it is available for you so you do not have to stress.

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    Next Beach Trip, Bring the Alcohol!

    Bail Bond Store in Lynwood

    The list of items to pack for a beach trip is pretty straight forward. You need blankets and towels, sun screen, hats, sunglasses, some water and snacks, and some toys like Frisbees and footballs. One of the main things that stays off of most people’s beach lists is booze since most beaches ban alcohol. Well luckily, if you plan a trip to one of these following beaches, you can bring your alcohol with you because these are alcohol-friendly beaches!

      Kehoe Beach
      Located in Point Reyes, Kehoe Beach is a tranquil beach that can be found after a half mile walk along sand dune and marshes at the northern end of Great Beach. It is an alcohol-friendly beach, but no kegs are allowed. It is best to leave the beach by 10:30 PM latest, since the beach closes at 11 PM and you need to walk back to your car.

      Carmel Beach
      South of San Francisco, but north of Monterey, Carmel Beach offers peace, relaxation, and fun to its visitors. Just like Kehoe Beach, kegs are not allowed, but other alcoholic beverages are. This beach is a plus for dog owners, since it is also a dog-friendly beach, meaning you can let your dog off its leash!

      Malibu Paradise Cove
      Nestled along the shores of Malibu, Malibu Paradise Cove lets you sip on your alcoholic beverage while laying back on the sand or even the beach chairs. The parking lot is not the cheapest, but if you dine at the restaurant there, they will validate. You can also park further up and take a short walk down to the beach. The beach is open from 8 AM to sunset and it is a bit cozy, so go early to claim your spot!

      Descanso Beach Club
      Getting to Descanso Beach Club will take a little extra planning since it sits on Catalina Island. You will need to schedule a boat or helicopter ride over. This beach club offers amenities that really allow you to relax and sip on your cocktail.

    Remember that if you bring alcohol to these beaches, and you are driving to the beach, then you need to properly transport the alcohol in your car. If it is a bottle that has been opened already, then the alcohol must be in the trunk. If the alcohol has never been opened, then it can be in the passenger seating areas. That is for getting to the beach.

    Now getting home from the beach is another story, since now, you will have alcohol in your system. If you stop drinking early enough, you can be sober enough to drive home safely. If not, you will need to designate someone who is, or end up calling an Uber or Lyft.

    In addition to your booze, remember to drink plenty of water too to stay hydrated, and eat some food to help soak up some of that alcohol.

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    Spend Labor Day Weekend Drinking Alcohol on the Beach

    Bail Bond Store in Lynwood

    If you are looking to spend the last extended weekend of Summer at a beach sipping a cocktail, but you cannot afford a quick getaway to the tropics, you do not have to worry. You can run in the sand, swim in the water, and lay back under the warm sun with a boozy drink in your hand at these California beaches! That is right, although the majority of California beaches do not allow alcohol, these ones do, and it is a secret that a smaller percentage of Californians know about, so they will not be as crowded as other beaches!

      Doheny State Beach
      This Orange County beach allows alcohol at its picnic sites and campground areas. Visitors will just need to fill out a waiver and pay a small fee before popping open their brew.

      Kehoe Beach
      After walking a half mile along picturesque marshes and dunes at the northern end of Great Beach in Point Reyes, visitors will find themselves at Kehoe Beach, an alcohol friendly stretch of sand and Pacific Ocean.

      Malibu Paradise Cove
      This public and alcohol-friendly beach will cost you a bit extra, unless you choose to park along PCH and walk a little ways. The parking lot is a bit steep, though if you dine at Paradise Beach Cafe which sits right on the beach, your parking ticket will be validated.

      Carmel Beach
      As if the beautiful, quaint town of Carmel-by-the-Sea could not get any better, its beach welcomes those who are 21 and over to open up a drink of their choice to enjoy, as long as it is not out of a keg. An extra plus is that the beach is also dog-friendly, meaning man’s best friend can run around leash-free!

      Descanso Beach Club
      Take a boat or a helicopter to reach Descanso Beach Club at Catalina Island, then enjoy all the margaritas and piña coladas you want. Visitors can get there and back to the mainland within a day, with plenty of time to spend on the beach, but if they can spare extra time and money, it is advisable to spend the night at Catalina Island. There is so much to do there!

    Be mindful of other beachgoers and keep the drinking under control so as to not cause a scene and end up with your day cut short. Remember to also drink responsibly and plan ahead of time how you and your friends will get home safely, at the end of the day.

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    What Back to School Means for Parents of College Kids

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    Sending children off to college is an exciting, but also nerve wracking thought. Parents will always have their natural parental instinct to think about children and worry about them, even if they know they were raised to be smart young adults. The biggest difference now that they are young adults, is that the child is not living at home, will not see their parents every day, and will not have the immediate protection of their parents in tough situations.

    It can be easy for some people, in the moment, to forget that being an adult means having to handle the situation and outcomes responsibly. They may forget, in the moment, what they may have to deal with. For example, if they are at a college party, they see a bunch of their friends drinking alcohol even though none of them are 21. Since everyone else is doing it and the cops have not been called, they also think it is okay to pour themselves a drink. However, in the moment, it is easy to forget that should they be caught underage drinking, they could face legal problems. Now that they are over the age of 18, the police are not obligated to contact the parents. Instead, it is up to the child to handle. The child can contact their parents for help, but that decision rests in their hands, not the police.

    That is just one scenario. Parents have many things that run through their minds, from harmless ones like failing a college class to dangerous ones like getting into a car accident or experimenting with drugs and sex. There is no way to completely settle a parents’ worry about their child being away at college, but just having a discussion about this kind of thing with their child will help.

    Another thing parents worry about is if their child is ever arrested while they are away at college. Now that they are at least 18 years old, the legal process is different. It is more challenging than it is if they were arrested as a minor. Being arrested as an adult means they will have to post bail and stand trial, which will take time away from their life when they should be spending it getting an education. Legally, parents do not have to be involved but if they are, and they should be because their support goes a long way, they can make a big difference.

    For bail, a great bail bond company to help out is Bail Bond Store in Lynwood, who can be reached 24/7 both online and at 323-357-0575.

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    Beware of Scams in the Modern Age

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    In the age of modern technology, it is important to be wary of scams used to gain private information from one of your accounts or devices. This sensitive information can be used to take money from the victim without him or her even knowing.

    There are several different ways someone can gain access to a person’s account or device.

    Some of the more common ways are:

    • Sending malicious emails. A favorite tactic among scammers is to send an email that disguises itself as being from someone in the target’s contact list. The email will usually say something along the lines of “Hey, check this out” followed by a link. Upon clinking the link, the victim grants the virus access to the computer. The virus can then grab whatever it wants, and will also send itself to everyone on the victim’s contact list.

    • Sending malicious texts. The victim will receive a text message, making some claim that a balance is overdue on some account, and may request that the person open a link to a website to pay the balance. The text could also ask for account information to verify that the victim is who they claim to be. Upon doing so, the victim grants the scammer access to the account.

    • Phone scam. For phone scams, the scammer calls an unsuspecting person and claims to be a representative from some company or law enforcement agency. They will tell the intended victim that money is owed, and it needs to be paid right away or a warrant will be issued for the victim’s arrest. It is a common scare tactic. The idea is to get the victim so freaked out that they no longer think straight. If a person receives a call like this, they should hang up right away. If they are truly concerned that there may be an issue, contact the company or law enforcement agency that supposedly called. This ensures that the real company or agency is actually reached, not someone claiming to be from them.

    The best thing to do in all of these cases, is to stop and think. You should never click on a link unless you are completely sure that you can trust the source of the link. The case of emails, check to see the actual email address that sent the message. You may find that even though it says it came from someone you know, it actually came from a random address.

    If you are unsure if something came from a friend or not, simply ask the friend through some other means, not replying to the email or text that sent the questionable link. Your friend may have no idea what you are talking about, which tells you the message was a scam.

    Another important note, is that no government or law enforcement agency will require people to pay fines or debts with money transfers or store bought cards. Scammers prefer these methods of payment since it is harder for the victim to get the money back once it is sent away.

    Whenever you receive a message that seems strange, or a phone call that you can’t quite believe, question it. Take a step back and think your next move out carefully. It can save you a lot of trouble and headaches later on.

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    If You File a False Report, You Will go to Jail

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    It is a crime to falsely report a crime. That is, you can and will get in trouble with the law if you report a crime but know that it really is not a crime. This is exactly what happened to a Los Angeles woman who, just a few weeks ago, was charged for her false report. Now she will have to pay her consequences by spending 2 months in jail.

    26-year-old Charline Gatson filed a report with the police, reporting that an acquaintance approached her in her car and pulled out a gun. The acquaintance let Gatson go, but took her car. Gatson’s teenage son was still in the car, and the acquaintance drove off. The vehicle was found later in San Bernardino.

    After investigators completed their work, they determined that Gatson’s carjacking and kidnapping report was false. In fact, Gatson had lent her vehicle to the acquaintance, and the acquaintance refused to return it. The stepson was not involved with the incident.

    Because of Gatson’s false report, which effectively wasted resources, time, and money from police officers and investigators, Gatson was charged and ordered to spend 2 months in jail. In addition, she will be on probation for 36 months, and will pay a fine of $220. Consequences for filing false reports are taken seriously because it takes officers away when they should be devoted to focusing on real, serious crimes.

    All in all, filing false reports is irresponsible and reckless. It is, however, a different story when the person filing a report genuinely believes it to be true crime, but it is later determined that they are just mistaken. An example of that would be if someone witnessed a person whom they have never seen before, entering their neighbor’s apartment. Believing it to be an intruder, they alert the police.

    After investigating, the police learn that the neighbor had given this “intruder” their key because they are staying with them; this is an out-of-town friend, which is why the person had never seen them before.

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    California’s Car Modification Regulations

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    Car enthusiasts view their vehicle like an extension of themselves, or like a best friend, pet, or child. They take great care of the vehicle. They give it a name, and customize it to their liking so that it is not like the rest of the same makes and models. Car enthusiasts truly prize their vehicles and make modifications that cost quite a bit. There is quite a bit of freedom when it comes to car modifications, yet there are also certain regulations and laws the car owner must stay within in California.

    • Window Tinting

      Rear and back side windows can be as dark as the owner wants, but front side windows cannot. Front side windows can only be tinted so dark, because it must allow over 70% of light to shine through.

    • Lights

      Cars may not have more than 2 spotlights with white lamps. These spotlights must not illuminate past 300 feet from the vehicle. Additionally, cars can only have two fog lights.

    • Engine

      Every car engine must be certified for use. Cars may only be equipped with emission control systems that were originally made for that specific vehicle or one of a newer model. All vehicles must pass regular smog checks.

    • Sound

      Sound systems must not be heard over 50 feet from the vehicle if it is driving on a highway.

    • Frame and Suspension

      A vehicle can be lifted as high as 5 inches, but no more than that.

    Anyone who modifies their car illegally will not only be given a ticket, but they will also be required to remove the illegal modification parts. These modification laws help ensure a few things:

    1. That there is less disturbance to other drivers, pedestrians on the street, and people in their homes or workplace.
    2. That the environment is taking in the least amount of toxins.
    3. That people are alert and aware of when emergency vehicles need to pass by.

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    Struggles of Getting Arrested Out of State

    Bail Bond Store in Bell Gardens

    While Bail Bond Store in Bell Gardens is one of the best bail bond companies in California, they cannot help you if you or a loved one is arrested outside of the state. Bail Bond Store in Bell Gardens can only operate within California, so you would need to find a local out-of-state bail bond company to assist you for your bail bond needs. This can take more time and produce more stress since it is not close to home.

    No matter what state someone is in, getting arrested is never a good thing, though getting arrested within your home state is slightly better. Dealing with an out-of-state arrest is more troublesome and will require more from the defendant. As mentioned, the defendant will have to work and communicate with a local bail bond company, but in addition to that, the defendant will need to seriously rework their schedule to prioritize the situation.

    The defendant will have a court date, but it will not occur in California. It will occur where the defendant was arrested. In some cases, the court will allow the defendant to return home and have only their lawyer present at the court hearing. However, for most people and situations, this is not the case. This means that the defendant will need to make arrangements to stay in the area for the duration of their trial, or they will need to travel back and forth if they are allowed to travel while out on bail.

    In order for the defendant to allow this to happen, they will need to communicate with their family and employer to work out some solution or schedule. There will be serious consequences here. A wife may have to handle work and the children on her own at home, for example. As for the workforce, the defendant would not be receiving paychecks for some time, or the employer may decide they have to let this employee go altogether. This adjustment will be very strenuous not only on the defendant, but for friends, family, and other acquaintances who are affected by this sudden schedule and lifestyle change.

    If you are doing any traveling, whether it is for business or for pleasure, be mindful of your words and actions. You do not want something to go terribly wrong for you.