Are You Prepared for the Season to Change? Here Are Somethings to Do This Spring in California

Are You Prepared for the Season to Change? Here Are Somethings to Do This Spring in California

Are You Prepared for the Season to Change? Here Are Somethings to Do This Spring in California

This winter has been cold, but it has flown by. Spring has arrived and now we have to hang up our winter gear. It’s time to break out the floral pattern outfits, sunglasses, and start warming up once again. Here in California we’re so lucky to be able to have such great and diverse seasons to do nearly every kind of activity imaginable.

Spring is one of the best times of year in California. It’s not too hot or too cold. The skies are typically crisp blue, and the air fills with the smell of poppies. The mornings in the spring are usually colder, but by the time the sun comes up the temperatures are just right. The wildflowers are in bloom and the bunnies multiplying. The mountains still have just enough snow, and the grass is in full bloom.

The only set back you will face is realizing that there is simply too much for you to do. You can go to museums, drive the coastline, visit art galleries, and go to sporting events. Where do you even start with all of that? Well, it all depends on what you feel like doing today.

Hiking, and going sightseeing is better in the spring. Yosemite National Park is the best scenic option. Waterfalls, and rivers are usually at their fullest. The snow is melting and the water is flowing. It’s also less crowded in the spring than it is in the summer. Other sightseeing/hiking options could be the desert areas of California. Places like Death Valley and The Devil’s Punch Bowl are at the perfect temperature to go check them out.

There are also plenty of festivals in the springtime. Outdoor concerts and festivals are perfect this time of year with all of the bright colors and the perfect amount of sun. The Festival of Colors in Riverside happens every March. The Festival consists of yoga, music, dance, and throwing colors around.

The California Irish Festival also takes place in March, and is a Celtic celebration. Perris, California hosts large family event each year to celebrate Irish heritage.

There is plenty to do in California year round, however the best time of year is the spring. You avoid sweating away under the harsh sun, and your toes aren’t freezing off in the blistering cold. Break out your favorite springtime cloths, and grab your family: it’s time to enjoy the fresh spring air.

Do You Want to Avoid Having Unnecessary Stress in Life? Then Try Having an Open Mind

Do You Want to Avoid Having Unnecessary Stress in Life? Then Try Having an Open Mind.

Do You Want to Avoid Having Unnecessary Stress in Life? Then Try Having an Open Mind

Having an open mind is vital in the world today. There are so many opinions, facts, and attitudes out there. Even in family settings we may feel like we have to tread carefully because we don’t want to offend anyone. Some people get so offended over another’s opinions that you may feel as if you can’t say anything. You might feel trapped with your own thoughts. However, it’s not the end of the world.

Having an open mind is beneficial to you in the following ways:

  • Less stress
  • More information
  • Better Research
  • More friends

Having an open mind about a lot of things can benefit you greatly. You won’t stress as much because you’re not worrying about what is the right answer. You’ll be able to provide an objective point of view because you’re not looking for the yes or no kind of answer.

Having this open perspective will benefit you in any research you need to do in your daily life. You won’t be looking for biased answers to your questions. You’ll find yourself discovering facts and information about a topic that you may have never noticed before. Being opened minded will also help you identify sources that are biased. You’ll begin to see sources pushing their points of view rather than giving actual facts. Being open minded will also help you connect with people.

People will flock to you for information because they realize that they can come and talk to you without feeling judged. Far too often, people feel lonely or isolated from friends and family because they feel like they can’t talk to them. If you have an open mind about things, then people will start to see that. They’ll feel comfortable talking with you because they know you won’t be judging them.

Having an open mind will only benefit you. It will help release any tension you may have been holding on to. Being open minded will improve your relationships with friends and family. By having an open mind, you will find yourself getting less offended by what people say.

Family Dinner Topics: So You’re Spending Time with Family

Family Dinner Topics: So You’re Spending Time with Family

Family Dinner Topics: So You’re Spending Time with Family

Family is tricky. It’s complicated to describe any family interaction. The thing about this group of people is you can’t choose them, yet you spend most of your life with them. You love them, and then love to hate them too. However, as you grow older you begin to notice more things about your family.

You may notice that you have different likes, opinions, and attitudes from other members in your family. Your parents might have completely different political views. You may have learned over time to avoid all political topics at family dinners. Even if you don’t see eye to eye about politics, you still care about these people and want to be able to have a civil dinner conversation.

Your siblings and you may not agree on each other’s lifestyles. You may like to call it a night early, and wake up in the morning to go running. Whereas your sibling may like to meet total strangers and stay out till 3 a.m. You might have several kids, and your sibling may absolutely hate kids for some unknown reason. Whatever your differences may be, they’re still your first friend from childhood.

Sure, there are hot topics that you will definitely want to avoid while sitting around the table. Staying clear of certain conversations during family dinners will help you have a smooth night.

The following topics are best to be avoided:

  • Abortion
  • The Presidency
  • The Death Penalty
  • Gun Laws
  • Immigration

While some families can handle the topics above, a large majority cannot. Large gatherings with family can become vicious if the conversation turns to one of these. It’s important to realize that, if for some reason, your family starts conversing over one of these topics words might get heated. Try not to take anything they say to heart, when discussing these topics. Hot topics got their name for a reason. People generally have strong opinions about them.

Topics that are reliable, and good to have over family dinners are easier to come across than you think. Being able to have deep conversations with you family is vital to your social wellness. Family conversations are great in helping you form opinions and gain information.

Here are some safe topics to discuss with your family:

  • Genealogy
  • Cultural Beliefs/Traditions
  • Jokes
  • Family Trips
  • Proudest Moments
  • Bullying

Family dinners are fun, but can be stressful as well when the conversation turns from something positive, to something negative. Even though we try to avoid saying things that might hurt someone else’s feelings, sometimes it just happens.

The good thing is that if you mess up with family conversations, you don’t have to worry. Your family will forgive you in time.

Who Needs an Excuse to Go to the Beach? The Benefits of Going to the Seashore

Who Needs an Excuse to Go to the Beach? The Benefits of Going to the Seashore

Who Needs an Excuse to Go to the Beach? The Benefits of Going to the Seashore

Summer is just around the corner, or that’s what we tell ourselves. We’re itching to soak up the sun and maybe catch a few waves. We’re Californians, relaxing on the beach is in our blood. We live off of vitamin D and the sounds of crashing waves. True beach bums go year round to relax on the beach, however most of just wait for the perfect summer day.

The beach is super relaxing for most people. That is one of the many reasons why we love the ocean so much. On top of just being relaxing, the beach is also very mysterious to us. The ocean can remind us that 70% of the Earth is covered in water. Not only is the Earth mostly aquatic, but there is so much that we don’t know about the ocean. The mysteries of the ocean continuously amaze us.

The ocean, and beaches aren’t just pretty; they actually help improve our wellness. Being close to a beach might be more beneficial then you originally thought. It might be worth paying the extra bucks for beachfront property.

According to Superhero You, a website focused on improving quality of life, the beach benefits our lives in multiple ways like:

  • It’s better to walk on the sand – Walking on sand can help with your posture and foot muscle health.
  • Healthier skin – The salt water helps cleanse cuts, or scrapes. This process of natural purification is beneficial for your skin. The sand and salt water also act as a natural exfoliator.
  • Ocean sounds can soothe you – Ever fall asleep to sounds of the waves? The rhythmic nature of the ocean can help you fall into a trance.
  • Boost your immune system – The salty air and water can help clean out your systems.
  • Better air quality – The air comes in with the waves. Since the ocean is so vast, and there are no cities in the ocean polluting it with smog, it is typically cleaner which is better for you.
  • More active – Being at the beach almost requires you to be more active by walking through the sand, or swimming out into the ocean.
  • Perspective – Seeing how vast the ocean is and realizing how tiny you are can help put things into perspective for you.

The beach can do wonders for our wellness and health. It’s more than just a relaxing stroll on the beach. According to NBC walking along the beach can also boost your mood. Visiting the ocean can help release chemicals and hormones to your brain, thereby increasing your happiness. Who wouldn’t want to feel happier?

Even though summer is still months away, it is still the perfect time to go to the beach. Even in the winter months you can still benefit from a beach day. Sure the winter months may require you to wear a sweatshirt at the beach, but you still can feel the sand between your toes.

All these benefits also give you a good excuse to ditch your responsibilities and smell some salty air.

Tired of Seeing People’s Underwear While out in Public? You’re Not the Only One

Tired of Seeing People’s Underwear While out in Public? You’re Not the Only One

Tired of Seeing People’s Underwear While out in Public? You’re Not the Only One

Adults, are you tired of seeing young adults walking by with their pants sagging down, exposing their underwear to the world? Of course you are. In fact most people are tired of seeing that all too familiar sight. Nobody wants to see a person walking around with their underwear showing, and yet some people do it anyways.

Well, that might all change for South Carolina residents. The state is currently considering enacting a law that would allow them to fine anyone who wears sagging pants. The law would not make wearing saggy pants a criminal act, but it would be unlawful. This basically means that a person caught with their pants down would only face a small fine with no possibility of jail time.

The fines would break down as follows:

  • 1st. Offense: $25 fine.
  • 2nd. Offense: $50 fine.
  • 3rd. Offense and Higher: $75 fine and/or 6 hours of community service.

As you can see, the simple act of wearing pants below your hips could quickly become very costly for a person. The proposed bill was co-sponsored by Representative Wendell Gilliard who claims the saggy pants situation is getting worse with each passing year.

It is hard to find fault with the idea of trying to get people to stop walking around with their underwear clad butts hanging out for the world to see. The only other thing that could be done is that parents teach their teenagers to have enough decency to keep the beltline of their pants above their hips.

Privacy Line, Where is it? There’s Something Precious that You’re Giving Up

Privacy Line, Where is it? There’s Something Precious that You’re Giving Up

Privacy Line, Where is it? There’s Something Precious that You’re Giving Up

When you’re younger, you have zero privacy. Your parents bathed you and you more than likely ran around naked in front of family a few times. When you hit puberty, your teenage-self tried closing doors to gain a little bit more seclusion. However, your parents never let you close the door the whole way, or always interrupted at the inopportune times.

When you’re in high school, you had very limited privacy. Between P.E. class and sports practice, you become used to undressing in front of strangers. Then somewhere along the way social media evolved and you grew accustomed to sharing every aspect of your life with your online friends.

Privacy is something we all seem to crave, yet give up every single day. It seems like we are always compromising our security. Social media doesn’t help with controlling our privacy either.

Even with ability to change privacy settings on your social media accounts, you still feel exposed. It’s a weird thing, feeling the need to share your whole life on social media. If you begin dating someone it’s not “official” until you post it on social media. The responsibility we feel to post about the exciting things in life on social media limits our privacy. Most of the time, we do not even realize we’re giving up our privacy.

Every time you go on vacation, or make a big investment, you post about. You’re presenting yourself in a way that you think will best represent yourself. The time you spend posting and perfecting your image on social media, can take away from your true self.

Ever noticed when you run into old friends and they already know all about your current life? Have you ever talked about an old high school friend with your current friend and judged all of their life choices you’ve seen them make through their social media? Everyone talks about everyone, and you open yourself up to that kind of scrutiny when you post on social media.

Even through you’re not young anymore, and you don’t have worry about your parents intruding on you, you still have to control yourself when it comes to your privacy.

Being aware of what you’re putting out into the Internet world will help you control the amount of privacy you have in your life. Draw the line for your privacy and limit what you share.

Why You Shouldn’t Mess with Wild Animals: This isn’t a Movie, Animals are Still Savage

Why You Shouldn’t Mess with Wild Animals: This isn’t a Movie, Animals are Still Savage

Why You Shouldn’t Mess with Wild Animals: This isn’t a Movie, Animals are Still Savage

We’ve been misled by childhood movies that showed princess dancing and singing alongside sweet wild animals. That is the only explanation that makes sense because yet again, someone was trampled by a wild animal. Nature is cool, it’s wild, and isn’t boring to city folks. No one ever sees a deer and says “ew.” We see a deer and we’re in awe.

Being in awe due to wildlife is fine, but remember it’s still wild. There have been several cases of individuals being gored or trampled by buffalo/bison because they tried to take a picture with it. Bison seem to represent the American West, and many want to take a photo with them. While a picture is worth a thousand words, it is not worth your life. Wild animals are not used to interaction with people like our pets are. They also aren’t all like the cute ones you see in 30 second videos on social media.

Encroaching on an animal’s space is seen as a threat in most instances. Animals have a flight or fight instinct. If a buffalo, or any other large animal feels threatened, it will more than likely turn and attack since we are smaller than them. A bison is not a fluffy cow. The most recent wild animal attack in California was by a bison. Yes, there are still bison in California; they typically stick to themselves and rarely attack humans.

Momma bears, and mating seasons are dangerous situations when interacting with wildlife. Whenever enjoying nature, you must be aware of the season. Whether it is hunting season, mating season, or any other kind of season, being conscious of what is going on in nature is important. Baby wild animals are adorable, however their moms are typically not far from them. Mothers tend to be more aggressive and protective of their young, meaning it would be wise to stay away from baby animals.

Don’t lose your common sense when it comes to nature. Don’t get caught up in a moment and forget that wild animals are dangerous. Most wildlife attacks recorded are a result of a lack of space given to the animal.

People tend to momentarily forget to think clearly when they want to get a cool picture. Don’t fall victim to a lack of common sense, give animals their space.

Do You Know What Your Child Does Online? You Should.

Do You Know What Your Child Does Online? You Should.

Do You Know What Your Child Does Online? You Should.

The internet opened up a world of possibilities for everyone. Anyone in the world can get access to just about any information that they want. It is the biggest library of information on the planet. Unfortunately, not everything on the internet is wholesome and safe for children to see, which is why parents need to be aware of what their children are seeing online.

As a parent, it is important to establish ground rules for the child when they are online, and checkup from time to time in order to make sure the rules are being followed.

Some good examples of rules would be:

  • Never give out personal information such as name, address, and telephone number without a parent’s approval.
  • Set a limit to how much time the child can spend online.
  • Discuss how the child should behave when interacting with other people online.
  • Establish rules for what they can and cannot do while online.
  • Make sure they know to never meet new, online friend in person without a trusted adult’s supervision.
  • Teach them how to fact check and make sure they know that not everything online is true.

It is important that your child know that he or she can come to you with anything they find online. This means you need to be involved with their internet experience from the get go. Show them how to explore the internet safely, what sites they can trust and what sites they can’t. Also be sure to let your child show you what they like to do online from time to time. This way, you will be able to see what it is they are doing while on the internet.

By being involved with your child’s internet experience, you are not only helping them stay safe, but are helping make the internet a little bit better of a place.

By teaching your child proper internet manners, you are making it so they will behave online now and in the future as well. This helps make the internet a better place for everyone.

Why You Should Say Goodbye to Plastic for Everyone’s Benefit

Why You Should Say Goodbye to Plastic for Everyone’s Benefit

Why You Should Say Goodbye to Plastic for Everyone’s Benefit

California is no stranger to going green. From windmills to solar panels, and paying $0.10 for a plastic bag at the grocery store, California is one of the leaders in going green. At times theses eco-friendly changes may be complicated at first, but they pay off. The more we work together, and come together as a family the better the payoff will be for everyone. By working together on this, we are giving the planet, and ourselves, a chance to live longer.

Whether or not you believe in climate change, there is something to be said about respecting where you live. You don’t trash your parent’s house while you live there and expect to stay. You have to abide by your parent’s rules, and respect their house. It’s just like that, but with the earth. We cannot trash the Earth and expect it to stay around for us forever. If you want something to last for as long as possible, you need to take care of it.

Two years ago, California banned single-use, plastic shopping bags and was the first state in the nation to do so. The goal was to stop wasting plastic, and reduce the litter from plastic bags. Instead of using plastic bags, shoppers we’re offered alternatives to bag their items. Now 72% of plastic bag litter has dropped. This means that a large number of those plastic bags aren’t in our oceans, gardens, and national parks.

Now California is looking to take another step towards the war on plastic. Currently there’s a bill being considered that would make it illegal to automatically give restaurant/bar patrons a plastic straw unless they request one. A server who automatically gives a patron a straw could be served a $ 1,000 fine, or even get jail time. The ban on straws, like the plastic bags, would hopefully help discourage the amount of litter and plastic waste. The bill is being called “Straws Upon Request”.

Ian Calderon, the California lawmaker pushing the bill wants to clarify several points about this bill:

  • It is not a ban
  • It will not make it a crime for servers to serve plastic straws

We Californians love our oceans, and all the other wildlife in California. We especially love sharing breathtaking sights with are our family and friends. Not only that, but we have attitudes about going green, and recycling.

In order to keep our state looking amazing and helping out wildlife, we need to cut down on litter and say goodbye to plastic.