Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

Bail bonds frequently asked questions

What is the Purpose of Bail?

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

What Is the Point of a Co-Signer?

What Do Co-Signers Have to Do with Bail Bonds

Why Bail Bond Store Need A Cosigner

What Is Considered Un-Bailable?

What Is Collateral?

How Long Do You Have to Post Bail?

Some Common Questions about Bail and Bail Bonds

What Discounts Do We Offer?

How Much Do You Have to Pay Upfront for a Bail?

Bail is How Much?

What Discounts Do We Offer?

How Can I Reduce My Bail?

Why Does a Person’s Bail Sometimes Change?

Who Sets Bail Prices?

How Are Bail Prices Determined?

How to Pick a Bail Agent in California

What Documentation Is Required?

What’s the Difference between Bail and Bail Bonds?