Parents Always Know What Is Best For Their Children

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Aside from growing up themselves and learning from their own parents (your grandparents), adults will always develop their parental instincts to bestow onto you. From giving you curfew you think is unreasonable, to making you go to school and engage in extracurricular activities, to making you wait for your license, to sending you off to college, parents do their best to keep you focused, educated and informed, and full of common sense. There is a reason your parents did all this “to you” when you think it was all unfair.

You may not have always agreed with Mom and Dad’s parenting ways. You may have rebelled, talked back, gotten in trouble. But once you become a parent yourself and realize the full responsibility of what it means to be a parent and to raise your own child, you will truly understand and appreciate your parents – parents always know what is best for their children.

Everything they do for you is to make you a good person: someone who can take care of themselves, eventually take care of others, provide for themselves and others, and stay out of trouble and harm.