Don’t Let Someone Waste Their Time Away in Jail

Don’t Let Someone Waste Their Time Away in Jail

Don’t Let Someone Waste Their Time Away in Jail


No one likes having their time wasted. Everyone has important things in their life that they want to get accomplished and having their time wasted is aggravating. This is one of the many reasons why people don’t like getting arrested. When they are arrested, they are locked behind bars and prevented from doing anything that they want to do. Due to that fact, everyone tries to get out of jail as quickly as possible.

This is why, when people discover that a loved one has been arrested, they spring into action. They do not want a friend or family member to waste away behind bars. There are far too many important family moments that they could be missing out on while locked up. Luckily, bailing someone out of jail quickly is easy to do with Lynwood Bail Bonds.

Our bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help any Californian looking to post bail. With their professional expertise, our agents will set to work the moment you talk to them and will not rest until they have secured your loved one’s release from jail. You won’t find more dedicated bail help anywhere else in the state.

All our agents need to get started is your loved one’s name, birthday, and county of arrest. Once they have that information in hand, they will be able to locate your loved one in the county database. Depending on the county of arrest, your loved one can be out of jail in as little as two hours.

  • 24/7 Bail bond service
  • 20% Discount
  • Phone approvals
  • 0% Interest payment plans
  • No hidden fees
  • No collateral with working signer
  • Se habla Espanol

Nobody wants to have their time wasted, and that is exactly what happens when a person is arrested. If you know someone who was recently arrested, do her a favor and bail her out of jail. Help her get back to her normal life. Don’t let her miss out on anything. The best way to do that is by contacting Lynwood Bail Bonds.

You can get started right now by calling (323) 357-0575 or clicking Chat With Us now.

Los Angeles crime rates are down

Did You Know Los Angeles 2018 Crime Rates Are Down?

Los Angeles crime rates are down


he city of Los Angeles, California is one of the largest cities in the entire United States. The city is home to just under 4 million people, making it the second largest city behind New York City, which has 8.5 million citizens. Chicago comes in at third with just shy of a population of 3 million.

Needless to say, having that many people in close proximity to one another can create a lot of problems. Crime rates are always much higher in densely populated areas in comparison to more rural areas. This is due to the larger amount of people in big cities. As cities grow, it is only natural for their crime rates to rise as well.

When a large city is actually able to decrease its crime rates that is a very big deal. Los Angeles recently announced that, in 2018, crime rates in the city actually dropped to their lowest in a very long time.

 What Are Crime Rates?

For those unaware, crime rates are simply a measure of the crimes committed within a specified area. Crime rates for the same area can vary depending on who conducted the study and report. This is due to the fact that different studies might only look at certain types of crime.

Typically, crimes are divided into two sets, violent crimes and property crimes. Violent crimes are things like murder, assault, and rape. Property crimes are things like vandalism and burglary. Researchers can analyze these different types of crimes in varying ways to give an area a type of safety grade. This can help people decide if they want to live in an area, or if they think it is too dangerous for them.

By monitoring crimes rates, cities are able to determine how well some of their initiatives and programs are functioning. If crime rates go up from year to year, they may consider a more aggressive strategy to combat that. If crime rates go down, then they know they have found a solution that works.

 LA Crime Rates Are Down

At a recent news conference, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti made the astounding announcement. According to Garcetti, crime in Los Angeles is down in every category. Last year, there were 259 homicides within the city, which is an 8.2% drop from the year before. Meanwhile, rapes were down 12.4%, gang crimes decreased by 8%, and lastly, property crimes decreased by 2%.

All of this decrease in crimes puts crime rates within the city at their second lowest in 50 years. While 259 homicides may seem like a lot, a person needs to compare this number to what it used to be. Consider when murders in the city peaked in the year 1992. There were 1,092 homicides that year alone. This new statistic is a drastic decrease from the old one. Both violent and property crimes are down by around 60% since the early 1990’s. This is an impressive feat, considering the fact that the city is not shrinking by any means.

In comparison to other cities, Los Angeles is doing remarkably well. For the year of 2018, several other large cities around the country saw many more homicides. For instance:

  • New York: 289
  • Chicago: 530
  • Houston: 279
  • Philadelphia: 350

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore stated that this is one of the safest times to live in the Los Angeles. Both Garcetti and Moore credit an increase in police diversity, gang interventions, and more street patrols as factors for the decrease in crime rates within the city.

 Following Crime Rates Is Very Beneficial

By monitoring crime rates year after year, a city is better able to decide what strategies are working and which ones are not. Crime rates also help show how far a city has come in helping make it citizens safer. Just look at how far Los Angeles has come since the early 1990’s when crack cocaine usage was at its highest.

The year of 2018 saw a nice drop in crime throughout LA, which is great news for all of the city’s residents. If this trend continues, you can bet that other cities across the state, and even the rest of the country, may begin to follow some of the city’s crime fighting strategies.

We Offer 0% Down for Qualified Clients

We Offer 0% Down for Qualified Clients

We Offer 0% Down for Qualified Clients

Often times, the hardest part about bailing someone out of jail is finding the money to do so. A loved one’s arrest usually comes without warning, which makes it hard to come up with the necessary funds. This puts people in the tough spot of wanting to bail their loved one out of jail as quickly as possible, yet being unable to because they have no money saved up.

Here at Bail Bonds in Lynwood, we can provide a solution to this problem. Our bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for, which makes them more affordable. We also offer personalized payment plans that reduce the amount needed up front even further. In addition, clients with approved credit can qualify to get 0% down.

Clients who have approved credit can get the additional discount of not needing to make a payment on their bail bond until a month after their loved one has been released. This is a big deal. It gives clients the time they need to gather up money to make the payment, while still getting their loved one out of jail quickly.

At Bail Bonds in Lynwood, we do our very best to make bailing someone out of jail as quick, easy, and affordable as possible. That is why we provide our clients with discounts when they qualify, and why our agents are always available to offer their assistance. We like to show our clients that the arrest of their loved one is not the end of the world. They can recover from this.

We understand that saving up money to post someone’s bail can take time. That is why we give qualified clients 0% down on their bail bond. This gives them the time they need to gather the funds while still getting their loved one out of jail quickly.

You can get started talking to a bail agent right now by calling 323-357-0575 or clicking Chat With Us now.

The 5 Most Common Bail Questions

The 5 Most Common Bail Questions

The 5 Most Common Bail Questions

For most people, bailing someone out of jail is a strange new experience. This is due to the fact that no one ever really plans on needing bail, so they never learn about it. Luckily, the professionals here at Bail Bonds in Lynwood are more than willing to help out. They are always ready and willing to answer your questions about the bail bonds process.

In order to help you out, here are the five most common questions that our bail agents receive.

  1. How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?
    Pricing is dependent on the amount of the bail. In California, bail bond companies charge 10% of the bail price. If your loved one’s bail is $10,000, then it will cost $1,000 to bail him out using a bail bond.
  2. How Long Does It Take For My Loved One To Be Released?
    After the initial payment has been received, your loved one can be out in as little as 2 hours. However, the time varies from county to county, depending on the current workload of the jail.
  3. What Happens If I Miss a Payment?
    If you happen to miss a payment, it is not a big deal. If you know in advance that you are going to be late on a payment, let us know. We know life can be difficult at times and things that were certain a few months ago, might have changed. If your budget has changed, we can work with you on payments and even readjust your payment plan to fit your new budget.
  4. Do You Offer Discounts?
    Yes, we can offer a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond if a co-signer is a union member, a member of the military, a member of AARP, is a homeowner, or if the client has a private attorney. With this discount, instead of paying $1,000 for the same bond, you only have to pay $800.
  5. What Is a Co-Signer?
    A co-signer is anyone who is willing to sign for your loved one’s release. The signer is promising that all the money will be paid and that their loved one will go to all of their court dates. A co-signer takes responsibility for their loved one.

It is understandable to have a lot of questions about bailing someone out of jail. After all, nobody ever plans on needing to know about bail. Luckily, if you ever need bail help, you can count on Bail Bonds in Lynwood to be there for you.

You can get a free consultation at any time by calling 323-357-0575 or clicking Chat With Us now.