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Jail – Not the Halloween Scare You Are Looking For

Downey Bail Bond Store

If you are really trying to scare someone this Halloween, getting arrested and thrown in jail will definitely do the trick. It will be cruel, but it will certainly give your friends and family members a scare. One that should be mended as quickly as possible.

Downey Bail Bond Store can help you or your loved ones get out of jail quickly, within hours of your arraignment. Bail bonds are an easier way of getting defendants released from jail than cash bail because they are set up on a payment system. That means that payments are split up and spread out over months. The defendant is released from jail as soon as the paperwork is signed; he or she does not have to wait until the final payment has been made. However, for cash bail, 100% of the bail amount needs to be paid before the defendant can be released. Did we mention that in total, a bail bond costs 90% less than cash bail?

Get yourself, or your loved one, home in time for the real Halloween trickery and fun. Call Downey Bail Bond Store at 323-357-0575 or chat with a representative online anytime.

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Don’t Let Your Loved One Miss Halloween!

Compton Bail Bond Store

Every Halloween you and your boyfriend or girlfriend dress up in coordinating costumes: Mickey and Minnie, mustard and ketchup, etc. This year is going to be no different and you’ve already begun working on your DIY costumes.

Then unexpectedly, they’re arrested one night. They’re sitting in jail, and you’re sitting at home frantically trying to figure out what’s next and how you can afford to pay their bail.

It’s quite alright if you two can’t come to that solution yourself – paying for cash bail is incredibly expensive and the fact of the matter is, most people cannot pay that so easily.

That’s where Compton Bail Bond Store steps in to help mediate the stress, by offering a bail bond, an alternative to cash bail but serves the same purpose. You will be set up on a customized payment plan, and collectively, you’d only be paying 10% of the full bail amount. You’ll need to fill out proper paperwork but if all is cleared, your loved one can be out of jail as soon as the paperwork is processed. You will need to be affirmative and make sure your loved one gets to court for all of his or her hearings, but otherwise, it really is as simple as that.

There may or may not be additional conditions attached to the bail bond and the release, but the main condition is for you to offer love and support to your loved one during this time. Keep an eye on them and make sure he or she is thinking straight. Spend more time with them. Have some fun too, and stick to your Halloween plan!

Mario, don’t let your Princess Peach miss Halloween this year – contact Compton Bail Bond Store immediately! Find us online to chat, or dial 323-357-0575.