Don’t Let the Thought of Bail Scare You

Don’t Let the Thought of Bail Scare You

Don’t Let the Thought of Bail Scare You


There are a lot of things in life that scare people. For the most part, these scary things aren’t so much scary as they are simply new experiences. People are afraid of these things because they have no idea how they work. A perfect example of this is when someone wants to post bail for an arrested loved one.

Most people don’t post bail on a regular basis. Some people are even lucky enough to never need to post bail at all. However, this creates the problem of no one really knowing how bail works when they actually need to rescue someone from jail. Luckily, there are professionals who can offer their assistance here at South Gate Bail Bonds.

Since 1987, South Gate Bail Bonds has provided Californians with all the help they need to rescue a friend or family member from jail. Our bail agents are some of the best in the state. They have years of training and experience behind them. Whatever questions you might have about a loved one’s arrest, our agents will be able to answer.

Our professional bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will always be there when you need them. Our agents will answer your questions and guide you through each step of the bail bond process. You will not have to face this alone. Our agents won’t leave your side until they have secured your loved one’s release from jail.

  • 24/7 Bail bond service
  • 20% Discount
  • Phone approvals
  • 0% Interest payment plans
  • No hidden fees
  • No collateral with working signer
  • Se habla Español

Posting bail for the first time may seem intimidating and scary, but it isn’t. With the right help, like the kind that can be found here at South Gate Bail Bonds, posting bail is easy. All you have to do to get started is talk to one of our bail agents. From there, they will guide you through the whole process.

What are you waiting for? You can get started with a free consultation by calling (323)357-0575 or clicking Chat With Us now.

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Rainy Weather Driving Precautions

South Gate Bail Bond Store

Rainy days are still ahead California, whether you are in Northern California where rainfall is more abundant, or you are in Southern California where it happens less often. Driving habits need to be changed when it is raining versus when it is a dry day to ensure road safety. Here are some i that will help protect you and others from harm’s way.

  • The road is most slippery on the first day of rain.
  • Drive slower and leave more space than usual between your car and the car ahead.
  • Brake earlier than normal so the car behind you has extra time to brake as well.
  • Make sure all car lights are working: headlights, taillights, signal lights, brake lights, and high beams.
  • Make sure your horn is working.
  • Check your tire treads; if they need changing, change the tires. Also make sure the air is to level in your tires.
  • Turn your headlights on when using your windshield wipers, even if it is raining on a sunny day. This is the law.
  • If you feel your car hydroplaning, remove your foot from the gas but do not step on the brake. Just keep a steady grip of your steering wheel and you will feel your car gain traction again.
  • Do not try and operate your phone while driving. Not only is it unsafe, it is illegal. Pull over, turn your car off, and then use your phone.
  • Keep a phone charger in your car at all times, it can come in handy in an emergency.

All sorts of driving nightmares can occur when the weather is not on our side, but the more precautions drivers take, the better it is for everyone on the road.

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Your Holidays Are Saved Thanks to South Gate Bail Bond Store

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Treat your family to a delightful and unexpected surprise by being the person to bail that one family member out of jail so he or she can show up for your Christmas gathering. Just when everyone thought this family member was going to miss the party, you saved the day with the help of South Gate Bail Bond Store.

For whatever reason, the rest of your family could not come together to help with bail, and we get it. Bail is expensive, stressful, and sometimes drama-filled. However, your family is probably not aware of all their options.

South Gate Bail Bond Store is the answer you are looking for, because not only will a bail bond from this company drastically reduce the amount due, but we also work 24/7, offer customized payment plans, and always meets customer satisfaction. Time is of the essence, and South Gate Bail Bond Store knows this. With our dedicated employees at South Gate Bail Bond Store, your loved one will be out of jail and back home in no time. The holidays will be saved!

South Gate Bail Bond Store can be contacted online, or at 323-357-0575. You will not be disappointed.

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Keep Your Holiday Traditions Alive and Bring Your Loved One Home

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The holidays are filled with many small, intimate, family-only traditions, such as cookie decorating, caroling, opening a gift on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. You adore and live for these moments with your growing family, and you will do anything to make sure these little traditions are kept alive, year after year.

Just because someone in your family just got arrested does not mean these traditions are going to take a break this year. Your determination and support, combined with South Gate Bail Bond Store’s professional services, will see that nothing stands in the way of your holiday traditions, not even an arrest.

South Gate Bail Bond Store provides affordable bail bonds with low monthly rate payment plans. This bail bond, which in total will cost 10% of the full bail amount, will get your loved one out of jail. He or she will need be in court as scheduled, and continue to stay out of trouble, but that should not be a problem. You are going to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. After all, you are not going to let anything ruin the holidays.

South Gate Bail Bond Store is here to take your chat messages or calls anytime of the day, any day of the week, all year long. Speak with a professional online, or call 323-357-0575.

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Never an Empty Seat at the Dinner Table

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An empty seat at an otherwise completely full Thanksgiving dinner table is awkward. Even more so when the reason behind that empty seat is because that person is stuck in jail. When this is the case, the mood becomes less thankful and more dismal. How much can you really enjoy Thanksgiving and the company of your family when one person is missing?

Can you avoid this happening? Definitely. How? With the help from South Gate Bail Bond Store.

South Gate Bail Bond Store is a California bail bond company that never closes because it is a 24/7 company. This is because sometimes, people need to bail someone out of jail at crucial times like major holidays, or the early hours of the morning.

A bail bond is an alternative means to posting cash bail, and one of the most relieving things about bail bonds is that it costs only 10% of the full bail amount. Approvals and paperwork can be done over the phone in less than an hour and after that, the bail bond is sent to the jail so your loved one can be released. Now he or she will be able to come home and fill that seat at the dinner table.

Bring your loved one home in time for the holiday celebrations by calling South Gate Bail Bond Store at 323-357-0575 or Chatting With Us online.

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Take the Time to Get to Know South Gate Bail Bond Store

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Positive testimonials about a company from previous customers are a good indicator that the company is one you can trust. A reliable, honest company is the only thing you need when the matter concerns a loved one’s freedom. Here is what former clients of South Gate Bail Bond Store had to say about them.

  • With great ease, confidence, and most importantly, grace, our loved one’s bail was posted within the hour… we sincerely recommend their services to you when you need a ‘superhero’ to help your loved one.. Fast!
  • She handled everything for me from the moment she got the call… until the case was over. Very reliable, honest, professional, and courteous.
  • She took the time to explain what I can do to resolve my problem. I don’t think a lot of people would have cared about helping me knowing they would not get paid, but Becky didn’t mind at all. She took the time to help me out.
  • Veronica has the professional touch in a very difficult industry. She is well-versed in the law and all facts about the court system and jail logistics. You are amazing!
  • Unfortunately a loved one was in need of the services of a bail bondsman and fortunately enough we came across South Gate Bail Bond Store. They made my entire process painless, effortless, and was always very professional the entire time.

There are plenty more testimonials out there, but you know very well that words are not always enough. Get yourself a free consultation and get your questions answered now.

South Gate Bail Bond Store can be reached online, or at 323-357-0575.

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Settle Your Stress With South Gate Bail Bond Store

South Gate Bail Bond Store

At the end of the day, family is family and you’ll go to bat for them, whether you wholeheartedly want to or not, whether you’re. in a good mood or not. This includes stepping in for them during their worst times, and their worst times has come – they’ve been arrested and are asking for your help to pay for a bail bond.

You agree, and sort of reluctantly, sort of not. You know they’d do the same for you if you were in their shoes and you know that they’d also feel some disappointment and anger like you’re feeling on them now.

Get a bail bond from South Gate Bail Bond Store and you’ll soon realize that more of those negative feelings will settle away, once you understand exactly how helpful the company can be. You’ll get a professional bail bond agent to help you through the whole process. You’re paying 90% less than you would for cash bail. You get to have a payment plan. And most importantly, you’ll get your loved one back home faster.

Once everyone calms down and digests the situation, you’ll realize that helping bail your loved one out of jail is exactly what you want to do. Don’t worry – the initial stressful emotions will be natural. But South Gate Bail Bond Store can help ease that.

Give us a call at 323-357-0575 or chat with us online now!

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You Can Rescue the People You Love at an Affordable Price with South Gate Bail Bond Store

Some people will do whatever they can to help the people they care about. They will do anything to make sure that the people they love, are safe and sound. This includes bailing their loved ones out of jail, no matter the price. What some people do not know, is that they do not have to break their bank account to do so.

Bailing someone out of jail can be expensive, but it does not have to be if you use South Gate Bail Bond Store. We make bailing a loved one out of jail easy and affordable for all of our clients, thanks to the years of the experience that our bail agents have. We have been helping people afford their loved one’s bail bond for the last 29 years.

South Gate Bail Bond Store has been a family-owned company since our founding in 1987. We have been helping people to the best of our ability ever since. Our bail agents can use their years of knowledge, experience and continual training to help you rescue the people you care about from jail.

Call 323-357-0575 now for a free consultation with a professional bail agent.

We Work With Our Clients Because We Know We Can Help Make the Bail Bond More Affordable

Lynwood Bail Bond Store

At South Gate Bail Bond Store, we will work with our clients and offer them discounts that make bailing their loved one out of jail cheaper. We can offer you a 20% discount if you, or a co-signer, are a member of the military, a member of AARP, are a homeowner, or have a private attorney. On top of the discount, we will work with you to create a personalized payment plan.

We work with all of our clients to make their loved one’s bail bond more affordable. This includes creating a customized payment plan that fits into the client’s monthly budget. With our help, the large cost of the bail bond will be split up into more smaller, more manageable payments.

At South Gate Bail Bond Store, we will make rescuing your loved one from jail a quick, easy, and affordable experience. We believe in honesty and integrity, and we will never try to make more money off of you with hidden fees. We never use such dishonest and treacherous tactics, we are here to help you and your loved one. You can count on South Gate Bail Bond Store to take care of you.

For an affordable bail bond, contact South Gate Bail Bond Store now online with Chat With Us or calling at 323-357-0575.

South Gate Bail Bond Store Will Help You Exercise Your Loved One’s Right to Be Bailed out of Jail


Did you know that everyone has the right to be bailed out of jail? At South Gate Bail Bond Store, we help our clients exercise that right. When you talk with one of our bail agents, you will get only the best bail bonds help that we can provide. We will walk you through the bail bonds process and make it quick, easy, and affordable for you.

Our professional bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all over California. We have offices and bail agents located in cities all over the state. There will always be a local agent close by and ready to help you. No matter where in California, or what time your friend or family member got arrested, we can always offer you our assistance.

Our bail agents will start walking you through the bail bonds process as soon as you call. Do not be afraid to ask questions, our agents can answer all of your questions about bailing your loved one out of jail. If you give us your loved one’s name, birthday, and county of arrest, we will be able to find him or her in the system and better answer your questions.

To talk to a helpful bail agent, contact South Gate Bail Bond Store today!

Call 323-357-0575 or click CHAT WITH US NOW!.

With our expert bail help we can have your loved one out of jail in as little as 2 hours, depending on the county where he or she got arrested. Some counties work faster than others, and their speed can greatly affect our own. Many times, we have the bail ready to go, but are stuck waiting for the county to catch up.

When you come to South Gate Bail Bond Store for assistance, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. Our bail agents will help you exercise your loved one’s right to bail, and will do so quickly and easily. Wherever in California you need help, whenever you need a friend, you can count on South Gate Bail Bond Store to help you.

All you need to do to receive professional bail help is contact South Gate Bail Bond Store today!

Call 323-357-0575 or click CHAT WITH US NOW!.

Helpful Ways To Save And Recoup Money For Bail


Paying for a bail bonds means meeting monthly payments on time. While easier and more affordable than the straight bail option, some people might still be stretched thin on money.

Here are some helpful ways and guidelines that South Gate Bail Bond Store Services recommend that you take heed to in order to save and recoup your money for bail:

  • Move bank accounts to gain the most benefits and highest interest
  • Buy essentials and use coupons and sales
  • Set aside a percentage or amount of each paycheck for bail
  • Buy groceries and cook meals instead of eating out
  • Set budgets – only spend x amount of necessities, x amount for pleasure, x amount for bail. Do not go over the first two. Any leftover unspent money from the first two can be put towards bail.
  • Keep tracking of spending
  • Pick up a part time job or gig if your schedule allows room for it
  • Go ahead and sell what you’ve been meaning to get rid of for a long time
  • Give up unnecessary subscription services like Netflix or a magazine

By doing these and more, you’ll be surprised at how much extra cash you can have. This will make paying for a bail bond a little more comfortable. And there’s always the possibility of regaining some of these pleasures later on, after this situation blows over. South Gate Bail Bond Store Services is a family-owned company that has been operating for nearly 30 years now, and we remain relentless in the pursuit of our clients’ stability and well-being through these difficult times they are facing.

Do not hesitate to call us today. We will always be here for you!

Please contact us at Lynwood Bail Bond Store or call us at 323-357-0575.

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