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Don’t Drain Your Bank Account

Bail Bonds in Bell Gardens

You may have the best intentions when you set out to post bail for your friend or family member, but you may not want to do that. Posting bail by yourself is a huge undertaking. Bail cost several thousands of dollars at its lowest prices. Unless you have access to thousands and thousands of dollars, […]

Telling a Child about a Spouse’s Arrest

Bail Bonds in Bell Gardens

Most people would assume that the hardest part of a loved one’s arrest would be bailing him or her out of jail. However, parents know that is not the case. The hardest part of dealing with your loved one’s arrest as a parent, is explaining it to your child. How do you explain to a […]

Struggles of Getting Arrested Out of State

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While Bail Bond Store in Bell Gardens is one of the best bail bond companies in California, they cannot help you if you or a loved one is arrested outside of the state. Bail Bond Store in Bell Gardens can only operate within California, so you would need to find a local out-of-state bail bond […]

When April Fools’ Goes Wrong

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April Fools’ is nearly here! For some people, it is a day of just trying to get by without being fooled. For others, this silly holiday is really like Christmas to them. They love to go all out and “get” people with their pranks. They can get pretty elaborate. Occasionally, some go too far and […]

Bail Options for You to Know

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When a person is arrested, they will have to face 1 of 3 scenarios, which are to the judge to choose. The judge can: Deny bail – The defendant has no choice but to remain in custody. The judge has determined that this person is too dangerous to be released from jail. Grant bail release […]

Protect Your Right To Vote and Bail!

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As you are well aware, the presidential election is just days away. We urge all everyone to vote, including loved ones who recently completed parole after getting out of prison. It helps that your loved one’s voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of parole, so no further action is required on their part. Unfortunately, […]