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Can children be home alone

When Can Children Be Left Home Alone?

Parenting is rarely an easy task at the best of times. When times get tough, like they have recently, parenting ...
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Stimulus check

Don’t Get Scammed out of Your Stimulus Check

As the world practically shuts down in response to the spreading COVID-19 Pandemic, many people are now finding themselves stuck ...
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How to properly pull over

How to Properly Pull Over

When a person is driving, there are a lot of things that they don’t want to happen. One of the ...
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California marijuana laws

What Are the Laws on Marijuana in California?

It seems like just yesterday that the usage of marijuana was illegal here in California. However, Californians voted to make ...
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lynwood bail bonds car seat laws

What Are California’s Car Seat Laws?

The goal of every good parent is to keep their child safe. Unfortunately, this task is a lot easier said ...
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lynwood bail bonds domestic violence

What Are California’s Laws on Domestic Violence?

When a person is interacting with someone that they care about and love, they typically want what is best for ...
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lynwood bail bonds smash and grab crimes

Why Are People Smashing Car Windows?

Most law abiding citizens see a locked door or window and assume the building or car is inaccessible. However, there ...
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lynwood bail bonds report suspicious activity

When Should You Report Suspicious Activity?

The goal of law enforcement officers is to ensure that people follow the law and to keep people safe. Unfortunately, ...
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lynwood bail bonds tips to avoid scams online

Tips to Avoid Scams Online

Most people just want to go about their lives without a worry. They just want to go to work, earn ...
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lynwood bail bonds door to door scams

Tips for Dealing with Door to Door Scams

For most people, the safest and most relaxing place to be is within the walls of their own home. There, ...
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lynwood bail bonds beware of the irs mail scam

Beware of the IRS Mail Scam Going Around

Most people are just trying to live their life. They don’t want any trouble and do everything that they can ...
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lynwood bail bonds should you warm up your car

Should You Warm Up Your Car and Let it Idle for a While Before Driving?

When the weather grows colder, people begin to do everything that they can to avoid being cold for any length ...
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