Be Responsible This Halloween

Be Responsible This Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and people are busily preparing for the holiday. Kids are plotting out the best route to get them as much candy as possible, while adults are figuring out which costumes to wear to what party. However, something else adults should be considering, is who will be driving to the party.

If a person plans on drinking at any Halloween parties, then they need to have a designated driver (DD) or use a ride share service such as Lyft, Uber or even just a taxi. They have to do this because drinking and driving is never a good idea on any day of the year. On Halloween, it is an even worse idea.

On Halloween, kids are out and about trick or treating. This usually continues after the sun goes down. This means that the roads are often dark and lined with kids. This increases the chances of a drunk driver causing a horrible accident. This is why it is so important for a person to drink responsibly.

The high likelihood of people getting behind the wheel after drinking at a party on Halloween is why there will also be an increase of DUI checkpoints that night. Law enforcement officers know that there will be more drinking. In order to reduce the chances of any accidents occurring, they will setup numerous checkpoints to catch as many drunk drivers as possible.

If you plan on having a few drinks this Halloween, be sure to do so responsibly. Designate a friend or family member as the driver.

That, or hire a Lyft or Uber to get you wherever you need to go. In today’s world, there is no need to get behind the wheel of a car while drunk. Especially not on Halloween.