Did You Know Summer Vacations Are Good for You?

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Summer is rapidly approaching, and many Californians are preparing for their summer get away. We are close enough now, where people begin counting down the days before they can escape their tedious jobs. A summer vacation allows a person to catch their breath, and recharge.

Unfortunately, nearly 70% of working Americans do not use all of their vacation days. Often times, this is due to a fear that they will appear undedicated to their work if they take time off. However, taking time off can be extremely beneficial for a person’s mental health.

By taking time off, a person can distance him or herself from their work environment. It should come as no surprise that work environments can cause a lot of stress for some people. Having a great deal of stress weighing down on your shoulders is not good for you. That is why it is important to take an occasional break, either a long one or a series of shorter ones. This will give you a chance to recharge your batteries, thus making you more productive when you return to work.

Taking a break from work also gives you a better vantage point to see and fix tasks and problems you might be facing at work. The distance will help clear your head, and allow you to come up with a solution for your long-term goals in the office.

Above all of that, however, is the fact that taking a vacation allows someone to spend more time with his or her family. This helps strengthen family bonds, and can also increase family member inclinations to feel more relaxed, excited, calm, silly, and affectionate.

By taking a summer vacation, you can not only increase your productivity in the office, but also increase the bond that your family shares. Do you really need any other reason to begin planning your summer vacation?