Winter Break Driving Tips for College Students

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Winter Break is a favorite of college students. Getting to go home to spend a few weeks with family and friends, and even getting to hit the slopes. It is all fun, and hopefully no school work. Many students who live away from home for college will be driving back home and others will book flights. For those who are driving, especially taking long drives, like up and down Interstate 5, we would like to bear warning for driving conditions. It is winter after all, and that can alter driving habits.

Drivers, please make sure your lights, windshield wipers, and brakes are all working properly. Check treads on your tires, and make sure there is enough air in them before making the long drive. Always keep headlights on when windshield wipers are in use. If you are driving in the rain or at night, be more alert and make sure you have on plenty of rest.

If you have to travel the Grapevine, the section of mountains right at the edge of Los Angeles County, check weather and road conditions. At times, the Grapevine will actually be closed to drivers due to the road conditions caused by the weather.

Please drive safely when you are heading home for Winter Break or back to school again for Winter Term. The last thing anyone wants is a car accident.